The Baby Joe


This drink is named after my godson. Not because he drinks it (he’s only six) but because the rest of us all drank it at his christening/birthday/frankly any occasion that presented an opportunity to get cracking with the Campari, blood orange juice and prosecco. You do need to use blood orange juice to make it. Tropicana do a version – look for the red carton and sanguinello name. The sparkling wine can be anything (even cheap as chips cava) as long as it’s not sweet. I prefer cheap sparkling wine here to champagne.

1 bottle chilled prosecco or other sparkling white wine
500ml chilled blood orange juice
150-200ml Campari

Mix all three ingredients in a jug. Pour into glasses. This is pretty much the only drink I am ever prepared to serve in flutes – but an ordinary wine glass does just as well. Plus it’s dangerously gulpable so a flute might not be big enough.